Difference between Mechanical and Quartz Watch

Today we are going to discuss the difference between mechanical and quartz watch, which can help you later on make a decision when buying or just a piece of info to impress your friends and colleagues.

Mechanical watches are powered by a mainspring that you either wind by hand or it winds automatically with your wrist’s movement. Its mainspring releases energy through a series of gears. These watches are the most expensive ones you hear about like Rolex. They have a rich history, if you are into craftsmanship and tradition, you should consider it then.

However they require regular maintenance every few years because of complex mechanical parts, and they’re generally less accurate, with deviations of about 20 seconds per day. If you do a lot of physical activity while wearing it then the main spring will get wound more leading to forward deviation of the time, but if you will not wear the watch often then it will deviate backwards.

On the other hand, quartz watches are precise and reliable. They use a battery to power a quartz crystal oscillator, which vibrates at a precise frequency—usually 32,768 times per second. This vibration is converted into regular electric pulses that drive a motor to move the watch hands. They need minimal maintenance because they have fewer parts and they’re highly accurate, typically deviating only around 15 seconds per month. The only thing you have to get done is mostly just a battery replacement every six months or a year or two.

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